Gamers Dilema- NG+-itis

Just some thoughts.
I love video games always have really. Since the dawn of the ability to control sprites across a screen from left to right with a poorly constructed assortment of plastic and circuit boards  i.e. a JOYstick I have played and lost myself to video games. Even well in to my current 28th year of life (desperately trying to rationalize the fact that I still play them to myself and current girlie). Video...thanks, for the happiness and joy you bring me. But this post isn't about the joy perse its about the pains and aches of being a gamer.
I used t suffer from a condition that could be called non-finish-itis. A sever and serious condition that stems and catalyses from owning too many current and past gen systems as well as the beloved games that  go with those systems. Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, N64, PS2, SNES, GBA, 3DS, PC (Steam etc.) and on and on and on....
That was a problem for a good amount as I grew from begging my padre and mama for a certain video game system with a certain game to a mature grown man-child. Single, employed and plenty of disposable income. The problem became sever the more disposable income I had. I would purchase new games, old games, repurchase via Steam etc. The fact of the matter was that I was over whelmed and found it almost impossible to finish any game with few exceptions i.e. Mass Effect 2, DeadSpace, etc and etc. Few and far between. Not to say that I did not have other games that were just if not better than the games mentioned. I unlike my waiting habits am indeed a very finicky gamer. I like a certain mix of ingredients in my games, avoiding "tripple A" and opting for perhaps a more obscure title or even a underground hit, or I just knew the game I like and sought to find that in other games i.e Ico Zelda etc.
Suffering from a current predicament of unemployment and non-disposable income I now face a different condition. NG+ - itis. In other words, finish the games once and be lured into replaying the games via the New Game Plus's perks such as "God mode" and such others.
In particular Demons Souls, There is no maxing out or ending the game you keep replaying leveling up collecting souls becoming God, white world, black world tendencies yada yada. (the game has DEPTH)
Currently playing a stolen version of DeadSpace 2 via Black Friday (long story) I am leveling up my suit and weapons for the sole purpose of coming back into the game in NG+ and destroying the sht out of necromorphs with disdain and regard. Wait....wtf....I am playing through a game, with the intention and goal to beat it just SO I CAN COME BACK AND PLAY THROUGH IT AGAIN?
This is where someone scream "your doing it wrong"
What the hell happend to me? How did I go from barely being able to finishing a game to  only finishing the game so i can REFINISH the game....
I want answers and I want a cure for this. Is it the ways games are made now? Is it the developers aren't satisfied with you buying their game, playing it and moving on? Is it now about making virtual heroin and baiting the gamer to reply a game over and over and over and over?
I am in eager anticipation of playing Dark Souls; the sequel to Demons Souls and am in fear of getting sucked it. The only reason I even has succeeded my demons souls addiction NG+ is because i found a level up bug on you tube and it made replaying the game a bit easier and not as exciting.
There fore as I will eventually land a copy of Dark Souls I am wary and scared of starting the game. If you know a cure for this please help me. NG+......NG++....NG+++ dear god....


The complete Zelda II Magic: The Gathering card set | GamesRadar

The complete Zelda II Magic: The Gathering card set | GamesRadar: ""




Final Fantasy IV Advance


Confession: Never finished a Final Fantasy...ever.
But that will absolutely change after FF 4 Advance. With the help of this great FAQ/Walk through found HERE I would say I am about 1/2 way through it and its been immersing to say the least. Great story and memorable characters each with their own quirkiness, Cid, Tellah, and the twins were a joy to meet in this game. Sadly when these games were released I think they were just really hard for me because honestly I dont see me, a 10 year old kid, playing through this with out. I would not have made it th is far without the walkthrough on GameFaqs. The graphics despite the age still surprise me, i imagine playing this when it was originally released and being blown away at the effects as seen below..

This is truly a great game and highly recommend purchasing it off the Amazon market place if it catches your fancy :)


Been Dead

Havent posted in a while, internat at home is out :( will update soon

What I have been playing:
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Resident Evil Code Veronica X
Street Fighter 4
Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Reviews coming soon


IPhone 3G S

Yes my fellow gamersz, I have come into the possesion of a much adored and sought after, drooled after Iphone 3GS (not an apple fanboy FYI). Leaving my Wii away from home and not turning on my 360 for a couple weeks and seizing the IPhone as not just a phone BUT a respectable gaming device as well! Here some games I currently love and play on my brand new shiny lovable phone (gross i know)


Price: ¢99
Little Runner rocks for so many reasons, one preferably is the music which evolves throughout the levels. Its an intresting tune, or rather mix of tunes that go well with the gameplay. the little runnner "runs" through levels that arent "level" for him to run through. Some peices are too low and some to high, its your job to "level" the playing field...jokes over...ahem! Not only that but there is fire thrown in and rolling rocks as well as stationary rocks that you must take care of so the little guys doesnt run into them. Its not necesarily getting through each level thats addicting but playing from level one and seeing how far you can make it in one go, which is how you get those crazy high scores you'll see if you take a look at the global high score ranking. I am at a mere 217 while the highest currently is 2976! I can never hope to get that high, but i am willing to try! Great game, music and replayability. Check out Red Rocket Games, Inc.  or the Itunes App store for more info


Price: free! (lite version, full version $1.99)
Firstly i have never been a fan of tower defense games. I never really gave them a shot, but downloading this from the App store and playing it really opened my eyes to the genre. The visuals are spectacular and the sound effects are too cool as well. Game play is fun and easy to pick with the tutorial. You will be blasting away in no time and crying when the baddys reach your tower. Its actually a really awesome effect when ever your tower gets hit, it throbs almost like a heart and a voice counts down the HP left. Dont miss this game, i have not played all the levels of the lite version since i keep losing in stage 4 of the easy levels :( but once i get past it i will surely pick of the full version for the mere pennies they are asking. Check out the App store of course or Critical Thoughts Games for more deets.
Play it!


Price: $4.99

By far the priciest of all the apps i have purchased so far and i am very happy with my purchase. There are no inovations and your not going to find anything new and refreshing but thats whats actually awesome about it. There is no denying that Mario Kart is THE kart racing game, suffice it to say i am pretty sure we will never see the face of said Mario and pals on an Apple product such as the wonderous Iphone 3g S, therefore Shrek Racing is a game that very accuratly portrays Mario Kart. Its a blast to play and you get more tracks, playmodes, characters than the Crash Team Racing App that is also very popular. Its a typical kart racer with its typical fun factor of 5 stars! If your going to treat yourself to an app worth more than a 99 cents i highly suggest you invest in  this one, Shrek Racing from GameLoft

4. (Will Update with 2 more games soon to finish up my list come back to check them out!)


What I'm Playing

Currently I am playing Mario Galaxy

It alot more fun than I was willing to expect. I LOVED Mario 64 and was a little worried with the overhaul in gameplay and added Wii controls would take it to far from the recipe that made Mario 64 such a loved and praised game. It took a few stars to collect to really sell me on it and currently with 31 stars collected I have taken the bait and once agian deep into another Mario game. Its an adventure for Mario that really takes him out of this "world" and into the vast emptyness of space. Despite its "universe" tag, all things Mario we have come to know and love are all really there, even Luigi. Which took me by surprise as usually he is weirdly dismissed or not even mentioned in many of the Mario games, so when I saw him I was in doubt and thought he might be baddie dresssed up as Luigi . Regardless, the levels are a sheer joy to play through and seeing Mario fly about the galaxies just doesnt seem to get old. It reminds me alot of

But obviously there is not as much flying in Mario Galaxy as in Nights.
Mario Galaxy is alot of fun so far and the boss fights range from pretty easy to frustratingly hard, which is just how i like it personally. I like challenges but I also like progressing as well, not like Super Mario Bros 2 The Lost Levels which I just got on the virtual console and see it as an attempt from Nintendo to make the world absolutly mad with frustration!!
Get Mario Galaxy, play it, and watch Mario fly through the cosmos to rescue Princess Peach one more time, plus you want to play this dont you?